Friday, February 27, 2009

Preparing for Marriage with Lent

Lent has begun. This is the time of year that I really try to put some extra effort into growing in faith and conforming my life to Christ. This Lent, Daniel and I are both giving up all television. I’m also planning on saying a daily Rosary, and Daniel and I are going to add Night Prayer (of the Liturgy of the Hours, which neither of us has ever done before) to our evening prayer time together. I’m really glad that the last couple of months before our wedding, for which we have been preparing for what seems like a very long time, includes the season of Lent.

Here’s why. suggests the following: “Take at least six months to intensively prepare for your marriage. This goes beyond choosing a date and church, reserving a place for the reception, and picking out dresses. It means using this time to delve more deeply into your relationship and approach this momentous day with prayer and reflection.”

Of course, Daniel and I had an engagement much longer than those six months. But the thing is, the last couple of months before a wedding require a lot of little (and big) preparations for “the big day” This causes a lot of stress, and can make it difficult to put the right emphasis on preparing for the marriage of which “the big day” is only the beginning.

Easter Sunday falls on April 12 this year, only one month and four days before our wedding. Lent, then, will be for Daniel and me a time of spiritual preparation for the sacrament of marriage in addition to the preparation for the joy of Easter. This time of fasting, sacrifice, and prayer will allow us/force us to focus on our relationship with God, both individually and as a couple, as being first and foremost in our lives now and our new life together that is soon to begin. And I love that our wedding is taking place during Easter, an appropriately joyful season.

FYI, here are the things I have crossed off my list recently:
- Make hair appointment (yes, I know I did that super early)
- Plan photographer shots
- Go bridesmaid dress shopping

By the way, I really appreciate all of your comments from the last few weeks. I love hearing your suggestions and kind, encouraging, and inspiring words. Thank you so much, and keep them coming!


Christina said...

I know just how you feel, Sarah; I had similar feelings going through Advent as I awaited my bridegroom -- the Christmas season and our wedding day.

Thank you for another beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

It's so good to see you two loving each other so much in the picture.

Hope you two will look at this picture to continue loving and caring for each other for better and for worse through the years to come.

Pay especially close attention to each other after you have kids.

There are cases when the wife focuses too much on the baby that she completely forgets or ignores the husband thinking he's a "big boy" and so he can take care of himself.

Of course he's a big boy. Of course he can take care of himself. He won't die without you. However, he's a loving human being just like you. He needs love and attention just as you do. He needs to love and to be loved just as much as you do. That's why he married you in the first place. Otherwise, he could have just stayed single.

Take care of your baby. Focus on your baby. However, do not forget about your partner. He's the reason that your baby was born. It doesn't take much. Sometimes, just a gentle touch, a loving look in your eyes could mean a lot. Take time to go out with each other and to be intimate with each other besides taking care of the baby.

This is a quote from a sociology book: "Contrary to the common belief that a baby strengthens the marriage, most divorces happen after couples have kids"

Nobody had warned me about these things before I got married and had a baby. I just wanted to let you know so you can live happily ever after with each other.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered "" and absolutely love reading your blog! You and Daniel have such a beautiful and inspiring relationship. I'm praying for you two. :)

Janet said...

Hi Sarah,

This is Janet from Malaysia. I am a Catholic and was so happy to discover a Catholic website and blog. Love reading your blog. Wish you all the best for your wedding.
By the way, Sarah I would love to have a copy of the "Liturgy of the hour" that you are using. I tried to get it for the internet but it's rather confusing as there are lots of formats.

Take care and May God continue to shower His blessings upon you and Daniel.
Love, Janet