Monday, April 13, 2009

Dressing for the Occasion

The response cards are coming in, filling my parents’ mailbox, and I have been diligently marking people off on my invitation address spreadsheet as they come. And there are only five weeks left!

Our friends’ wedding last weekend really made me all the more excited for mine. The whole evening was lovely, and the bride and groom were absolutely glowing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the muscles in their cheeks stayed stuck in those smiles for quite some time. That’s going to be Daniel and me in just a little over a month! I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing me marvel at how fast time is going, but you’ll just have to put up with it—because I really can’t believe it!

We finished deciding on our readings and other Mass parts last weekend, which means that as soon as we can finally decide on our favorites for music (we currently like too many songs), we can start putting together a program. All of my bridesmaids’ dresses—plus the one female groomsman’s dress—have come in now and I’m pretty sure all of Daniel’s groomsmen have been fitted for their tuxes. My sisters Rose and Jane, my bridesmaidens, got their dresses the other day. So did my sister Annie, flower girl. The ring bearer, my brother Paul, will be having his First Holy Communion in June. So my mom bought him a suit that can pull double-duty. Very convenient.

Incidentally, my sixteen-year-old sister Rose’s dress will be pulling double-duty also, if all goes well. We couldn’t find yellow dresses that we liked for Rose and Jane, but my mom found very cute white eyelet dresses for them. Rose will wear hers white for her Confirmation (the weekend after Easter), then my mom will buy yellow fabric dye and try to dye her dress. If it looks good, she will dye Jane’s dress too. And if it doesn’t, at least Rose will already have gotten to wear it once! Then we’ll just have to figure something else out for their dresses… I hope it works.

I’m so glad that Daniel and I will be getting married in the Easter season; it seems so appropriately joyful. May the joy of the risen Christ be in all of your hearts.

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Christine said...

My husband and I were married in January. Getting the response cards in the mail was one of my favorite things about planning the wedding! Enjoy this time and congratulations.