Friday, May 7, 2010

More Updates

Sorry for the lack of a creative title, but I sat here for ten minutes hoping one would come to me and it never happened!

Childbirth classes are off to a great start—really informative and helpful, I think. And it’s nice to be in a room with so many other first-time expectant parents, although it certainly makes for a long line in the ladies’ room during breaks. And even the fact that there is a break at the top of each hour doesn’t much help to make for less of a waddling stampede down the hallway every time.

I won’t bore you with details of what we learned in class, other than to tattle on my husband: we were practicing relaxation on the floor with a guided meditation and the pillows and blankets that we had been asked to bring to class, and I had to wake Daniel up at the end of it! It was maybe five minutes long, and I’m pretty sure he was out within 30 seconds. I wasn’t at all surprised. Goodness, I hope our baby is as good of a sleeper as her (or his) Daddy!

Our living room is currently full of hand-me-down baby stuff from my mom, my aunt, and a family friend, which is making our house feel rather cramped. That is without having had my two baby showers yet! One of them is with just extended family on my mom’s side this upcoming Sunday, very appropriately Mother’s Day. The second is the following Saturday with my mom and sisters, Daniel’s mom and sisters, and friends. I’ll have to make sure we finish getting the nursery cleaned up tomorrow and Saturday so that we can start putting stuff away in there before our whole house is taken over with baby items.

Daniel and I had our last religious education class last Sunday morning; I don’t remember whether I’ve mentioned before that we taught a sixth grade class together this school year. We had a lot of fun, and from what we have heard and could tell by the end, the kids really liked us and learned a lot about their faith, which is the most important thing. We’re currently praying and trying to decide whether or not to teach again next year, moving up with the same class into seventh grade.

The reason this is a difficult decision is because we’re having a baby next month; it’s so hard for us to make the call right now since this is our first child and we really have no idea whether or not it will be manageable for us starting in September. My sisters have already offered to babysit during classes, but we just don’t know. We loved teaching this year and we loved our class, but maybe we should take a year off so that we can focus on learning to be parents and then take my sisters up on their Sunday morning babysitting offer once our baby turns one? But I also really hate to disappoint our students…

Any advice on this? Similar experiences?


Anna said...

Is this the sort of class where Daniel could take over if you had to duck out and feed the baby? Because then it might work for your sisters to watch the baby in class with you (or in a separate classroom or hallway), but you would be right there if you were needed. That would also be a good example of hands on Catholic parenting for your students.

The tricky thing though, is that it is impossible to know your baby's temperament before he's born. In my experience that is what makes for either very easy or very frustrating outings with baby. But, you keeping your cool in every senario will go a long way too.

Jay said...

I agree that if it is a set up that you could step out easy and the baby has a nice, safe place to be like a nursery-it would be nice. I would also think of drive time to church, how long the class is and how easy it would be to juggle nursing in between. Our youngest is 4 months now and has such an easy temperament that if the class was an hr long it would be doable. At 3 months though or 2 months the baby might sleep a lot still but then you have to think about how it will be at 9 months when he is crawling-I am guessing that the class is a school year. If it is possible I think it would be so worth the sacrifice. It would be so great to minister to the Church (the children I mean) with hubby. What a great way to grow in love with Christ and be Christ to the children. Good luck with your decision-pray for God's wisdom. I know that with my first I felt like he was a newborn for over 5 months and we did have a hard time nursing which discouraged me from going out a lot (I did plenty but would try to time it so I was feeding him at home). Anyways sorry for my loooong 2 cents. I like reading your blog!