Friday, June 11, 2010

No Baby Yet

Any day now, I hope, since my official due date is tomorrow. The hospital bag is packed (except for some clothing for Daniel and me that is currently dirty—I need to do laundry today). The house is clean (enough). The pantry and freezer are stocked. The nursery is ready, except for hanging some artwork, which will be done today. The cradle beside our bed has been emptied of the clothing I had been tossing into it for the past few weeks. The baby swing has fresh batteries. The grass is cut. The infant seat is installed in the car. The gas tank is full. The GPS has the hospital saved as a favorite destination. Daniel is now finished with work until after the Fourth of July.

Our doctor appointment for next week has been set for Wednesday, at which time they will do a sonogram to check the level of amniotic fluid and schedule an induction (if I haven’t had the baby already, of course). They won’t let me go more than ten days past my due date—I really, really hope this baby doesn’t want to wait that long.

I think that today Daniel and I are going to start taking evening walks, hopefully to help move things along…

So many thoughts have been going through my head in the past few days. My whole life is about to be drastically different, and I worry a little about how my relationship with Daniel is going to change as we really and truly become parents. 24-hours-a-day parents. Would anyone care to share what their experience was with this big change and offer any advice?

Despite all of the experience I have had my whole life with helping to take care of babies and children, I’ve never been “the mom” before. The mom is the one who seems to always be able to make things better and has all the answers. What if I just can’t/don’t? And what if our baby is a psychopath?

Haha, I just had to throw that one out there! No kidding, I really did ask Daniel that question quite seriously the other night after we watched the season premiere of the show “Lie to Me,” because the plot line for the episode was about dealing with a psychopath. Since psychopaths are born, not made, as a woman about to give birth the question did cross my mind. I know, I am a little crazy! Or maybe a lot…

Anyways, that was perhaps a strange ending for this entry. Hopefully Charlie or Samantha will have been introduced to the world before I write another entry; I just can’t wait much longer to hold my child in my arms! Daniel will make an announcement here ASAP afterwards. Please keep us in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the delivery, Sarah! I hope the baby comes soon! And with you two as parents, I am sure it won't be a psychopath. I would worry about the same thing, though.

Please keep the blog up - it is great to read what your life is like in a Catholic marriage. 15 days until my wedding! I have followed your journey over the past year and have learned a lot! Thanks for your time writing it!

amglowik said...

Our little Katherine Frances arrived on May 21st, two weeks early! She is our first. We have been married since August 2010. We're getting used to someone always paying attention to the baby. We have had to alter our shower schedule, for example, among other things and increase our patience since we're "less efficient" going about our normal schedule now.

Best wishes we will keep you in prayer!

Erika said...

Hang in there Sarah! Have been reading and enjoying the blog for a long time...I just gave birth to my first in May, I had to be induced at 11 days past my due date. Everything went well and we have a beautiful girl who was just baptized last week (our gender was also a surprise at the time of birth). We will pray for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about you, Sarah. God bless!