Friday, September 19, 2008

A Wedding Planning Weekend

We'll just continue to postpone that story I was in the middle of a couple weeks ago, shall we? Don't worry, I'll get to it eventually.

This past weekend was full of wedding planning stuff. On Friday Daniel and I had our first meeting with the priest who will be officiating at our wedding. It was really exciting because, even though not a lot was done, it was a first real step towards planning for our marriage. Yeah, we’ve already booked the chapel and the reception site, and we’ve already met with the organist. We know that our wedding colors are going to be blue and yellow, and I have a general idea of what I want my dress to look like. But when we were each asked point blank whether we intended to remain faithful to our future spouse and said, “Yes, I do,” there was something more real about that. Plus, we each signed our name at the bottom of all the questions we answered. It was nice.

We were also given a workbook for planning our wedding liturgy, which will be the Rite of Marriage within the Mass. Our wedding is on a Saturday morning. It’s not a major feast day, so we will be able to choose our readings. Daniel and I are both excited to start planning our ceremony! The main thing we have to focus on right now is making sure we get matched with a sponsor couple for marriage prep through my parish. We are on a waiting list right now—hopefully we will hear something soon.

So that was Friday afternoon. When I got home from work on Friday night, I went wedding dress shopping with my mom, my nineteen-year-old sister Marie who is also my maid of honor, and one of my best friends, Caroline, who is also my roommate. Unfortunately, when we got to David’s Bridal, I was told that I could walk around but I couldn’t even touch the dresses without an appointment. So we walked around and looked—it turns out there was nothing I really liked within my price range anyways. A waste of a drive, but oh well.

Early Saturday morning (much too early for a weekend), Daniel and I drove about an hour away to meet a couple—friends of the family—who do wedding photography. They bought us breakfast, which was delicious, and we looked at their work. It was good, but not quite our style. We’re going to look at other options now, and I’m not quite sure what we’ll do. When I got home that afternoon, my friend Caroline and I walked around downtown looking for shops that might have wedding dresses that would be more my style, then we went to the mall. We found nothing. At this point, dinner time on Saturday, I felt like I had wasted my entire weekend.

So, when I got home I started looking at wedding gown sites online, and I actually came across a few that I liked. One of them I am absolutely in love with: it is all lace, with an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline, a beautiful sheer, high button-up back, and a small train. (See above picture.) It is definitely me. I’m pretty nervous about the idea of buying my wedding dress online, though, so I’m not sure what I will end up deciding. I’ll let you know! The planning continues…


Lee Ann said...

Hi Sarah!

Part of me wants to tell you, "Yikes, you're 22? Noooooo! Wait!" The other part is somewhat envious of you because I didn't get married until I was 41. I wouldn't wish that on you either because even though I am glad I waited for the right person, being an older bride (and mother!) has been no picnic. I also married a non-Catholic, which brings up an whole other set of difficulties.

Anyway, one step at a time... Your dress and the decorations and the food and all that is important to you but really, all of its importanct will vanish in the wind once you get down to the real work of being married.

I look forward to reading and commenting when I can...


Lee Ann

Sparki said...

I searched and searched for my wedding dress and didn't like anything. I even went to antique clothing shops, pawn shops. I went to the fabric store and looked at patterns. Nothing jived at all.

Then my mom (who lives 2 states away) sent me a old cardboard hat box, partially crushed. Inside was my grandmother's wedding dress. I had never seen it before (only photos of her in her "getaway" suit for the honeymoon). It was PERFECT. It was a lawn party dress from the 1930s, not a wedding dress proper, but it was exactly right somehow. A gauzy muslin du chene fabric with a slim silhouette, tiered skirt and a little kick train (about a foot long, just right for making a little swoosh when you're playing croquette or waltzing on the patio -- hee!)

I loved everything about it but the hat. And the fact that it had darkened from poor storage. To be honest, it was brown. Light brown, but still brown.

I called up the antique clothing shop that I'd been to and they told me to soak the dress in cold water and Joy dish soap, then rinse without wringing, carefully lift it out and press it between bath towels and lay it flat to dry in the sun.

It came out ivory, though it had originally been white. PERFECT!

So I got married in my grandmother's dress almost 60 years to the day after her wedding. I've stored the dress in the hopes that maybe one of my granddaughters will be looking for the "perfect" dress and I'll be able to send this one to her.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah - I have just found this blog and have so enjoyed reading
about you and Daniel. Being married for - forever? - no, only 18 years
this month, reading your entries sent me back reminiscing about how I
met my husband and our early life together. I look forward to hearing
more about the two of you as you prepare to join your lives together as

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at They probably have, or could create, a gown very much like the one in the photo. If you are set on ordering a gown online, a reputable store like that is probably the way to go. If you change you mind and want to try on gowns in person, look for Casablanca or Jasmine Bridal gowns - because their dresses are "customizable" to your preferences. Good luck, and may our Savior bless you!

Anonymous said...

It's funny, but when I saw the photo of the wedding dress on your blog, I immediately wondered why wedding dresses have to be so immodest! You are planning to give your body to your husband, and it is he alone who should view it - sadly, so few Catholic women seem to realise this nowadays. I pray that you will follow the recommendations of the previous commenter and look at the wonderful modest dresses on I also pray that you wear a veil - it is a wonderful symbol. Always look to the way the Blessed Mother dresses, she is the wife and mother par excellence. Many blessings for you and your fiance.

Sarah B. said...

I had never heard of, but I must say I am impressed with how stylish their dresses are- not just for brides, but for prom and everyday dresses too!

My Mom and I had actually expressed a concern about the neckline of the dress (which I ended up ordering this morning). I asked the designers if they could raise it some, and they said that they could. My Mom is also a great seamstress, and if we are still unsatisfied when the dress arrives, we can doctor it up I think. I also plan to wear some kind of a shawl to complement my dress so that it is not quite so revealing, especially during Mass.

And yes, I most definitely plan to wear a veil. I agree that it is a beautiful symbol! Thank you so much for your suggestions and your prayers.

Happy Bride-to-be said...

Great blog!
I am also a bride-to-be, and I have gone through the gown shopping stress! If you have found your dress online, you can try to order your dress. I heard good things about them from other brides. :)

We are both Catholics and going to start our marriage prep course in Jan. I am really looking forward to that!

God Bless!