Friday, October 17, 2008

Seven Months To Go!

There are now exactly seven months left until the wedding, and I ordered my dress today!! It’s the same one as the picture I put up a few weeks ago, and I bought it through a “bridal shop” on eBay for cheaper than I found it on the original website. I really hope it turns out the way I expect it to—if not, I have buyer protection through PayPal and eBay and can get my money back. I’m so excited! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Daniel and I are almost decided on a photographer to use, too. A guy who works with Daniel also does photography on the side, and his work is great! We’ve looked at the pictures from other weddings he’s done, and it’s definitely our style. The package is pretty affordable and has everything we would want, so we just need to sit down and talk with him soon.

The past several weeks have really flown by, and I’m realizing that May 16 is creeping up on us a lot faster than we expected. There’s still so much to be done—so many details to think about. Apparently we are on a waiting list for a sponsor couple at my church so that we can get started with marriage prep. I emailed the woman in charge this morning; she says she expects to be able to set us up with someone sometime in November. We still need to look at flowers, reception music, transportation, bridesmaid dresses, the cake, and the list goes on… We’re trying to do the whole wedding for around $10,000 and so far we’re right on track, thanks to planning a morning/afternoon wedding instead of having it in the evening. That made a huge cost difference. Just a hint: I always love getting money-saving advice…

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mouse said...

Hello :) Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I just got married this past October, so I know how crazy all of the planning can be! You probably have a lot of your details finalized already, but here are some money-saving tips (good job on the morning wedding by the way--we did the same thing and it gave us many more reasonably priced options!):

If you haven't sent out "save the dates" send them via e-mail instead. is a great, completely free wedding website that is easy to use and includes useful features like online RSVPing and customizable pages that many other websites charge for. has a lot of nice, affordable invitations, or you can do your own (PaperSource is a good place to look).

If there is a flower committee at your church, ask them if they can do the flowers for your wedding. Alternatively (or also), if there is another wedding later that day, ask if you can share flowers with them. We did this, and had beautiful flower arrangements in the church for $50. We had our reception in a restaurant that didn't need to be decorated, so that was all we spent on flowers.

Have your reception in your church if you can, or pick a place that is already pretty so you don't need to spend a lot of money to decorate.

Decorate your reception location with pictures of the two of you. My mom bought blank fold-over cards and scrapbooking tape from Michael's and she and my brother taped pictures of the two of us growing up on them. The restaurant staff displayed them for us on the tables. People really liked them and they looked great.

See if you have any friends who would be good DJs--you can do it with just a laptop and some decent speakers (which you can rent, or that someone you know might let you borrow).

See if someone you know is willing to make your wedding cake. Or wedding cupcakes. Or pie (we had pies--a friend of ours, my mom, and I made them before the wedding).

Okay, that was a ton of advice from someone you don't know :P My main advice is just--have fun, get all the help you can, decide which details are really meaningful to the two of you and which ones you can forego, and be creative!