Friday, May 1, 2009

May Is Here!

I’m getting married this month! Everything is coming together fairly well, but of course there is still plenty to do in the next two weekends.

Our problem right now is our honeymoon… which we booked a few months ago for an all-inclusive resort along the Riviera Maya in Mexico. And of course you all know why that would be a problem. Of all the places a soon-to-be-officially-declared worldwide pandemic could erupt, it had to be Mexico. As of right now, we don’t know what we’re going to do. Naturally, our family and friends are worried and don’t want us to go, especially with the government advising against all but “essential” travel to Mexico.

When we found out how serious the swine flu was becoming, Daniel and I looked into changing our flight to somewhere else. What we found out, though, was that our airfare was non-refundable. The airline is waiving its change fees for flights to Mexico—meaning we could go somewhere else, as long as it was part of the airline’s network of airports. The airline flies to lots of cities in the continental U.S., but in the Caribbean they fly only to Cancun and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Anywhere in the continental U.S. that we would be interested in is more expensive than what we’ve already paid for our honeymoon, and Puerto Rico would be nice if it had all-inclusive resorts (which it really doesn’t). Otherwise, we’ll have to go over our budget because we’ll have to pay for our meals.

So, we were thinking earlier this week that we would have prescriptions filled for one of the two anti-viral medications that work on this strain of the flu and take them with us on our trip to Mexico, just in case. In fact, we have Tamiflu being held for us at the pharmacy near our house right now.

Now, though, since the swine flu situation seems to just keep getting worse and worse, we’re looking into other options again. We are hearing that Orbitz may be able to change us to a different airline so that we could fly into somewhere like the Dominican Republic, where there are all-inclusive resorts with rates comparable to the one we have booked in Mexico. I’m going to call Orbitz tonight to see what they can do for us.

Please pray that it all works out; this is the last thing we thought we would have to be worried about two weeks before the wedding. I hope that you all are staying healthy wherever you are!


Jay said...

Will say a prayer for you. Remember in two weeks you will be married!! God bless.

Anonymous said...

I think you should continue with your plans to go to Mexico. The Riviera Maya is hundreds of miles from Mexico City and the Yucatan peninsula is almost like a separate country! Just use caution while traveling and take along some hand sanitizer. You're more likely to get sick from food prepared with contaminated water in Mexico than from the flu. Be careful what you eat on the flight (watch the fresh fruit). You'll be fine with the food at your resort. Now stop worrying and enjoy this time!

Jay said...

Many people have raved about Dominican Republic. We would have gone there for our honeymoon but hubby didn't want something tropical!! Good luck w/ the plans.


Sarah I just got back from Mexico, and to tell you the truth is more about the news, everything its ok, when I was in Mexico I call some of my family that live here in California and they were worried about me, I told them that the news were exagerating, I was in three different cities in Mexico and everything was ok. Don't worry.